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When your company needs insight and assistance with environmental requirements and concerns, depend on John J. McNally, P.A.  As an environmental Lawyer from Miami, Florida, Mr. McNally specializes in corporate and real estate transactions involving environmental regulatory compliance, assessment, cleanup, enforcement and, if necessary, litigation.  Mr. McNally is also a licensed Professional Engineer and has practiced in various areas as an environmental engineer prior to completing law school.  The integration of the technical and legal expertise and experience enables him to provide reliable assistance and make best efforts to achieve the most practical solutions to complex environmental problems in a wide variety of environmental areas.  In addition to undeveloped property, his practice typically focuses on evaluation and remediation of environmental contamination in conjunction with the redevelopment and reuse of pre-exisitng commercial properties.  

About John J. McNally
John J. McNally, has extensive experience in corporate environmental due diligence and in managing environmental risks. This experience includes working with environmental engineers and professionals in various areas to evaluate environmental conditions and requirements, addressing with regulatory agencies to resolve environmental problems and integrate in contract terms to enable completion of real property transactions, loans, and corporate mergers and acquisitions.  In addition to property contamination issues and requirements, John J. McNally, P.A. also has experience in addressing other conditions such as mold, radon, vapor intrusion, and asbestos that require attention as part of performing due diligence evaluation.

Everglades, Environmental Lawyer in Coral Gables, FL

Mr. McNally represents individual clients as well as multiple clients in larger complex multi-party litigation or corporate/real estate transactions, In either case, Mr. McNally works closely in coordinating the environmental consultants involved in addressing the evaluation and resolution of the environmental issues in the context of the financing, lease, purchase and development of real estate.  He also assists in addressing these issues within leases purchase/sales transactions, along with any other environmental issues associated with the acquisition, development and operation of commercial facilities and properties.

Why Choose John J. McNally, P.A.? 
Having practiced for 34 years as both a professional engineer and lawyer, Mr. McNally strives to apply these skills and experience to identify and resolve any environmental conditions and concerns in the most practical manner with the parties and regulatory agencies involved to enable the transaction and business objective to be achieved.  Throughout his career as both an engineer and lawyer,  he has also been involved in a wide array of matters involving evaluation and remediation of environmental contamination at commercial, industrial, military and aviation facilities on both large and small scales.   He coordinates the response work and communication with the regulatory agencies to address these situations and has successfully assisted remediation and redevelopment of numerous commercial properties ranging from gas stations, dry cleaners/manufacturing facilities to major airports, Brownfields redevelopment projects and Superfund sites throughtout the State of Florida and the nation.

These matters include a wide variety of contaminates including petroleum, solvents, used oil, and hazardous wastes in accordance with local, state and federal laws and regulations. In addition to contamination site evaluation and remediation, Mr. McNally also has experience in the areas of evaluation of wetland impacts and mitigation requirements related to property development and use.  John J. McNally, P.A.. utilizes the technical and legal skills and experiences gained over the years in these various areas to achieve the most practical resolution and assistance to the client in reaching the project objective.

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